Screening The Various Centrifuge Types

The goals of the separation must be defined. Centrifuges in general can:

Separate liquids from liquids. Separate liquids from solids. Separate solids from immiscible liquids. Classify solids by size or density. Rinse mother liquid from solids.

In brewing, the spent grains must be as dry as possible, the solids rate is high, and the solids are somewhat abrasive. Based on Figure 1, the following relationships can be seen.

Solids High flow Abrasion dryness rate resistance

High-speed decanter • 9 3

The decanter centrifuge is the clear choice followed by the perforate basket and, a distant third, the high speed decanter. An inquiry of decanter manufacturers would provide much data and reference accounts. The perforate basket centrifuge, in fact, is a filtration device and is not suitable for the application. Most manufacturers have laboratories where tests of new applications can be run at nominal cost. Some manufacturers also rent portable equipment to test on location.

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