Selection of Natural Cheese

Proper selection of natural cheese is of special importance for the successful production of processed cheese. In some countries, processed cheeses manufactured from only one variety of cheese of different degrees of maturity are popular, for example, processed Cheddar cheese in the UK and Australia, Cheddar and Mozzarella in the United States and Canada, and Emmental in Western Europe. More frequently, processed cheeses are produced from a mix of various natural cheese types. Criteria for raw material selection are as follows (3):

• The type of flavour required

• The consistency and structure

• The variety and grade of fat in the raw material

• The maturity of the raw material

• The quantity of raw material in stock

• The nature and character of the additives

• The legal requirements

• The potential market

• Other, mostly economic, points

The combination of native cheeses, the processed cheese of proper maturity, is of special importance for the processed cheese quality, in terms of taste and flavor. Intact casein, present more in young cheese, has an emulsifying effect on milkfat and stabilizes the emulsion ("long structure"). This effect is not expressed by partially hydrolyzed protein, predominating in matured cheese ("short structure"). So, for example, high-fa* spreadable processed cheese requires a larger proportion of young cheese in the blend with a correspondingly higher intact casein content.

Since it is possible to correct certain physical properties by skillful blending, some defective, but not harmful, cheeses can be used in processed cheese manufacture. Natural cheeses with microbial defects should not be selected for processing; spore-forming, gas-producing, and pathogenic bacteria are particularly hazardous. However, proper selection of good-quality natural cheeses is not, by itself, a guarantee that the processed cheese will have the desired high quality, if treated by improper process parameters.

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