Sodium Chloride

There has been a significant, although not major market, for coated salt as a food ingredient since the late 1960s, primarily in the meat industry where it is used in ground pork sausage where contact with raw salt will affect texture and turns the bright pink color to a dull bluish gray. Fat-coated salt, even when crudely applied, extends shelf life and the improvement is worth the additional cost at least to many manufacturers. As technology has improved so has the quality of HVO-encapsulated salt. Although still restricted from becoming a principal ingredient in the food industry because of the economics involved, applications have been extended to baked products to protect yeast and to retard the stiffening effect induced by raw salt through water absorption. Use in comminuted meat products has also increased to control changes in viscosity and texture produced by water absorption. Maintenance of a free-flowing viscosity of ground beef allows the cost of encapsulation to be offset by savings provided by increased throughput.

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