Sorghum is a major feed grain in the United States. Most of the sorghum that is consumed throughout the world as food is prepared directly from the whole grain. Dry milling of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor [L.] Moench) grain ranges from cracking to debranning and degermination, which yield refined bran, germ, meal, and grit fractions (31).

Normal sorghum has the lowest lysine content per 100 g protein among the cereal grains. However, two floury lines of Ethiopian origin were exceptionally high in lysine at relatively high levels of protein (32). Another high-lysine sorghum, P721 opaque, was produced by treating normal grain with a chemical mutagen (33). An alkaline extraction process gives protein concentrates and starch from ground normal and high-lysine sorghum (34). Air classification of flour and hard endosperm from high-lysine sorghum yielded fractions with higher protein contents than the starting flour or hard endosperm (35).

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