Special Labeling Provisions

USDA allows for modification of the net quantity declaration in specific cases. USDA requires a modified declaration on multiunit packages. Some USDA requirements are relaxed to accommodate certain packaging situations and established trade practices.

Multiunit Packaging. USDA packages that contain two or more individually packaged, identical units that may also be sold individually have special labeling requirements. The net quantity declaration must be on the outside of the package if the individual labeling is obscured by the outer packaging. The declaration must include the number of individual units, the quantity of each individual unit, and, in parentheses, the total quantity of the multiunit package in ounces or fluid ounces. The dual declaration requirement is waived.

Random-Weight Packages. USDA packages from one lot or shipment of the same commodity with no fixed-weight pattern are considered random-weight packages (eg, ground beef). The net quantity declaration must be applied to random-weight consumer packages before retail sale; however, the declaration is exempt from type-size, dual declaration, and placement requirements, provided it appears conspicuously on the PDP.

Small Packages. If the shipping carton of individually wrapped, small packages (less than 1/2 oz) carries an accurate net quantity declaration, the USDA net quantity requirements are waived for the individual packages. When these small packages bear the net weight, price per pound, and total price, they are exempt from type-size, dual declaration, and placement requirements, provided the net quantity appears conspicuously on the PDP.

Margarine. Some margarine products contain animal fat and fall under USDA jurisdiction. Margarine in 1-lb rectangular packages (with the exception of whipped and soft margarine, or packages containing more than 4 sticks) are exempt from the requirements of placement in the bottom 30% of the PDP and the dual declaration. The net quantity declaration must appear as "1 pound" or "one pound" in a conspicuous manner on the PDP.

Sliced, Shingle-Packed Bacon. USDA exempts certain-size packages (ie, 8-oz, 1-lb, and 2-lb rectangular packages) of sliced, shingle-packed bacon from placement of the net quantity in the bottom 30% of the PDP and from dual declaration. These products are placed on boards that wrap around the top and serve as the PDP. Due to the space limitations of the PDP, these products have been granted more flexibility in incorporating the net quantity declaration. The declaration must appear conspicuously on the PDP.

In addition, sliced, shingle-packed bacon in any other size container (ie, other than 8-oz, 1-lb, and 2-lb) must show the net quantity declaration with the same prominence as the most conspicuous feature on the package.

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