Special Labeling Provisions

The regulations allow for modification of the net quantity of contents declaration in certain circumstances. In some cases, a modified declaration is required (eg, multiunit packages). In many other cases, the requirements are simply relaxed to offer more flexibility in package design.

Multiunit Packages. Packages containing two or more individually packaged, identical units that may also be sold individually have special labeling requirements. The net quantity of contents declaration must be on the outside of the package if the individual labeling is obscured by the outer packaging. The net quantity declaration must include the number of individual units, the quantity of each individual unit, and, in parentheses, the total quantity of the multiunit package. The total quantity optionally may be preceded by "total" or "total contents."

Bulk Foods. Food sold in bulk containers at the retail level is exempt from declaring the net quantity of contents, provided it is accurately weighed, measured, or counted within the purchaser's view or in accordance with the purchaser's order.

Random-Weight Packages. Packages from one lot or shipment of the same commodity with no fixed weight pattern are random-weight packages (eg, cheese cut from a bulk block). If the product label contains the net weight, price per pound (or kilogram), and total price, the requirements for type size, metric declaration, location, and copy-free area are waived. In addition, the weight may be declared in decimal fractions of a pound even if the weight is less than 1 lb.

Individual Servings Not Intended for Retail Sale. Small, individual-serving containers for use in restaurants, institutions, and passenger carriers that are not intended for retail sale are exempt from declaring the net quantity. These packages must be less than 1/2 oz or 1/2 fl oz.

Shell Eggs. Cartons containing 12 shell eggs are exempt from placing the net quantity in the bottom 30% of the PDP.

Table 2. Abbreviations for Net Quantity of Contents














Cubic Centimeter


Milliliter wt pt oz qt lb fl gal kg g mg mg cm3 L or 1 mL or ml

Other Provisions. Special allowances are made for certain categories of food packaged in specific containers. These exceptions provide flexibility in package design and conformity to established trade practices.

Table 3. Type-Size Requirements for Net Quantity of Contents

Area of more

The PDP less than

Minimum type size letter


or equal to

height not less than

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