Strawberries are a major crop with worldwide production estimated at 1,260,000 tons (15). The U.S. produces about 700,000 tons with about 80% of the production in California. Strawberries are not true berries in the botanical sense but are aggregate or multiple fruits. Strawberries belong to the family Rosaceae and the genus Fragaria. Many domesticated cultivars are crosses between F. chil-oensis and F. virginiana, also known as F. ananassa. The plants are planted one year, bear fruit the second year, and sometimes are allowed to produce for a third year before replanting.

Strawberries are picked by hand and transported in flats for the fresh trade or for processing. The major processed products are frozen purees and puree concentrates for use in jams, preserves, and nectars. Strawberries are also frozen as whole or sliced fruit individually or in blocks, with or without sugar. Strawberries are also canned or made into juice concentrate. Dehydrated berries, fruit preparations, fillings, syrups, toppings, beverages, and wines are other products. Combinations of strawberry juice with many other fruit juices are increasing in popularity due to the trend for increased consumption of fruit juices.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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