Structure Of The Population And Demographic Development Of Relevance For Food Production And Processing

Important for determining the quantities of food production is the number of people to be supplied, whereas the age structure, size of private households, and kinds of jobs are essential for determining the kind of product spectrum. Another important factor influencing the product spectrum is available income. The population statistics of all European countries show a stagnation or a slight decrease of population numbers. This is true for the German population within the new Bundesländer and also for the former Federal Republic, but foreign people applying for the German citizenship exceed the decreasing number (Table 1). In 1995, 7.2 million foreigners in Germany accounted for 8.8% of the total population, the percentage in the new Bundesländer was 1.7% at the same time.

The low birth rate and the further extended life expectancy (1995: boys, 72.8; girls, 79.3) led to an increased proportion of older people, and to a lowered percentage of younger people (Table 2).

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