Temperature affects the rates of produce metabolism and respiration, spore germination and pathogen growth, softening, moisture loss, and undesirable growth, such as sprouting. For every 10°C increase in temperature, the rate of deterioration or undesirable growth increases two to three times. Refrigerated storage is therefore recommended for many perishable commodities to slow the changes listed above (6). For optimal storage, storage room temperatures should be held constant, with variations of less than 1-2°C. The recommended storage temperature for many crops is 0°C, while temperatures below 0°C will cause freezing damage. Crops sensitive to chilling should be stored at 12.5°C; temperatures below 12.5°C but above 0°C will injure these commodities. Storage temperatures higher than optimal will shorten the expected shelf life of the produce. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation on the product, leading to an increase in pathogen growth and subsequent decay.

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