Most frozen foods requiring cooking are best cooked from the frozen state. Bulky products, such as poultry, whole fish, and so on, that require thawing are best thawed in the body of the refrigerator or in a microwave oven. These ovens often have a defrost program that allows periods of low or no energy to allow thermal equilibration to occur since ice and water absorb microwave energy very differently. It is important to allow extra cooking time if end cooking from the frozen state.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

Salvation For The Sleep Deprived The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping, Napping, Resting And  Restoring Your Energy. Of the many things that we do just instinctively and do not give much  of a thought to, sleep is probably the most prominent one. Most of us sleep only because we have to. We sleep because we cannot stay awake all 24 hours in the day.

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