The Chemical And Physical Characteristics Of Refined Palm Oil And Its Fractions

The chemical and physical properties of an oil are important determinants of its applications. Palm oil consists of more than 99% glycerides with less than 1% nonglyceridic minor components. Table 1 shows the fatty acid composition and other characteristics, including the solid fat con-

Table 1. Characteristics of Refined Palm Oil and its Fractionated Products


Refined palm oil RBD palm olein

RBD palm olein (doubly fractionated)

RBD palm stearin Palm midfraction

Fatty acid composition, %

Laurie 12:0 0.2

Myristic 14:0 1.1

Palmitic 16:0 44.0

Palmitoleic 16:1 0.1

Stearic 18:0 4.5

Oleic 18:1 39.2

Linoleic 18:2 10.1

Linolenic 18:3 0.4

Arachidic 20:0 0.4

Total saturated 50.2

Total monounsaturated 39.2

Total polyunsaturated 10.5

Iodine value 53.3

Slip melting point °C 36.0 Solid fat content, %

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