The Discipline Of Animal Science

The multiple and interdisciplinary needs of farm animal production that focus on growth, reproduction, and lactation are at the center of animal science programs in research, teaching, and extension. Animal science is primarily an applied science that incorporates advances in science and technology from all disciplines. Nearly all land-grant universities, as well as several state and private colleges with agricultural programs, offer a bachelor of science degree in animal science. Most animal science departments in land-grant universities also offer graduate programs leading to master of science (M.S.) and doctor of philosophy degrees (Ph.D.). The Ph.D. degree is a research-based science degree.

Curriculum at the undergraduate level is designed to prepare students for professional careers in animal agriculture. The student majoring in animal science usually takes specialized courses, which include nutrition, breeding and genetics, biochemistry, animal reproduction, agricultural economics, animal health, meat science, dairy science, and animal production and products courses.

The Journal of Animal Science. The Journal of Dairy Science, and Meat Science serve as the repository for advances in the science of livestock production as well as their products.

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