The Ift Foundation

The newest of the IFT's endeavors was the establishment of a foundation to provide financial support for IFT programs such as scholarships and the Science Communications Program, to augment funds going into the Career Guidance Program, and, most recently, to underwrite the expenses of the IFT funding a Science Congressional Fellow. So far, the Congressional Science Fellows have spent one year each as an assistant to a senator or a representative. The foundation supports jointly with the IFT 129 scholarships/fellowships and recently provided most of the funding to distribute 5312 career videos to schools. During the past year the science communicators responded to more than 1000 inquiries from the media. More than 20 continuing education courses were given, and a food science course has been established on the World Wide Web.

The foundation was first chartered in 1985. In 1993 the foundation initiated a fund drive that brought in approximately $2.7 million, which has permitted it to expand its activities greatly. The foundation was not dormant from 1985 to 1993. It just took time to work out the means to be able to fund IFT programs while ensuring sufficient financial support to be able to pay for the costs of a fund drive.

The foundation was chartered to serve as a fund-raising arm for the IFT with the objective of acquiring resources to reach the highest level of achievement in the food science profession. The foundation board elects six individuals to serve on the board. All need not be IFT members. The IFT executive committee appoints six members. Members are appointed for three-year terms. The treasurer of the IFT, the IFT's executive vice president, and the president of the IFT are ex offico members of the Board. In 1997 the board hired a director of development for the foundation.

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