The Ingredient Range

The composition of dairy ingredients varies both naturally (because of their biological origin) and by design (through the manufacturing procedures) but can, in general terms, be set out as in Table 1.

Control of Component Ratios and Performance

A wide variety of performance requirements are imposed by the needs of food formulation. Products that contain various combinations of milk components are available in traditional, widely used forms and also in forms that have been recently modified for food-industry use. The composition of some available product groups is provided in Table 2.

Table 2 reviews the products that have been traditionally available and that are widely recognized. More recently, the specific needs of the food industry have been met by the development of milk powders for milk recombination plants. Recombiners require particular properties such as heat stability for the manufacture of recombined evaporated milks. Similarly, nonfat milk powders that provide manageable viscosity characteristics in the produc

Table 1. Typical Composition of Dairy Products



Content, 9 Protein

1c dry basis Lactose



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