Treatment Of Packaging

PureBright can be used to sterilize packaging material surfaces, thus replacing hydrogen peroxide in many aseptic packaging applications. On most package surfaces, PureBright kills greater than 7 logs of Bacillus pumilus spores (a radiation-resistant bacterial spore) in challenge tests.

PureBright is also effective for package applications involving perishable, refrigerated, extended-shelf life food products, such as containers for yogurt, cottage cheese, or milk. Figure 4 shows a typical cup-and-lid-packaging line configuration that can be used for extending the shelf life of refrigerated desserts and other products.

Pulsed light is transmitted through many plastics, so certain packages can be sterilized on the inside by flashing the outside. Also, the light can be used to treat a filled and sealed product through the package if the product has good transmission properties such as water or other clear so-

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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