Types Of Emulsifier

Emulsifiers may be divided into four classes as mentioned earlier: (1) nonionic, (2) anionic, (3) amphoteric, and

(4) cationic. The actual item of commerce is seldom exactly like the organic chemical structures but is usually a mixture of similar compounds derived from natural raw materials. As a simple comparison, dextrose is one single, relatively pure chemical entity, described by the formula C6H1206. On the other hand, glycerol monostearate (GMS) is made from a hydrogenated natural fat or oil and the saturated fatty acid composition may well be something like 1% C12 2% C14 30% C16 65% C18 and 2% C20. In addition, the monoglyceride will be approximately 91% 1-monoglyceride and 9% 2-monoglyceride, which represents the chemical equilibrium.

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