Figure 1. Structures of segments of an amylopectin molecule.

amylopectin are designated waxy starches. Waxy maize (waxy corn) starch is an important food starch. Other all-amylopectin starches have been produced but are not commercially available. High-amylose corn starches containing approximately 55% and 70% amylose are in commercial production and find some food use. Starches from other special corn cultivars are both available and under development.

The physical properties of amylose and amylopectin (Table 2) are reflected in starches. For example, high-amylose starches are difficult to gelatinize (because of the extra energy needed to dissociate and hydrate the aggregates of amylose); form firm, opaque gels; and can be used

Table 1. General Properties of Some Native Starch Granules and Their Pastes

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