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Ireland has many universities, institutes of technology, and regional technical colleges that offer undergraduate and postgraduate food science and technology programs of relevance to the agrifood sector.

University College Cork has a faculty dedicated to food science and technology and is internationally recognized for the excellence of its education, research, and training programs. It is unique in Ireland for its commitment to food science and technology, food business, and food biotechnology. The Faculty of Food Science and Technology offers five undergraduate degree programs: B.S. in Food Business (offered jointly with the Commerce faculty), B.S. in Food Science, B.S. in Food Technology, B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, and B.E. in Food Process Engineering (of fered jointly with the Engineering faculty). The faculty also offers a range of postgraduate opportunities, which include M.S. and Ph.D. by research, M.S. by a combination of research and coursework, and also higher diplomas. The Faculty occupies a dedicated Food Science and Technology Complex, including an extensive Food Processing Hall and specialized laboratory facilities where the National Food Biotechnology Center is incorporated. University College Dublin offers a B.S. in Food Science within the Faculty of Agriculture and provides both fulltime and parttime taught master's programs in Food Science. In addition, graduates may be admitted for research programs leading either to master's or Ph.D. qualifications in Food Science.

The University of Limerick offers a B.S. in Food Technology associated with the Biological Sciences Department and also provides postgraduate programs. Trinity College Dublin offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in nutrition and dietetics. The Dublin Institute of Technology offers a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. In addition, a range of certificate and diploma courses is offered by the Institutes of Technology in Carlow, Cork, Dundalk, Letterkenny, Sligo, Tralee, and Waterford.

In Northern Ireland, the University of Ulster at Coler-aine provides a B.S. in Human Nutrition, as well as postgraduate opportunities in the area. Loughry College also offers a B.S. in Food Technology, as well as postgraduate courses.

Extensive research programs in the food science and technology area are under way in most of the universities just listed. Funding comes from the European Commission, government agencies, and national and international industry.

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