Uses of starches and starch products in foods are extensive. In the granular form (dry powder), starches are used as anticaking agents and diluents and for dusting and molding. When nearly fully cooked to a state approaching a molecular dispersion, starches are used to provide viscosity (thickening), impart texture, suspend solids, and form films. Pastes are also employed as binders, processing aids, protective colloids, and encapsulating agents. As swollen granules (produced by heating slurries of cross-linked granules), starches are used to provide viscosity, impart texture, and suspend solids and as binders and processing aids. Use of a high-amylose starch will make breaded products crispier. Table 5 lists important properties exhibited by starch in both the dry and cooked states and a few examples of products containing a starch or modified food starch.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

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