Uses Of Palm Oil And Its Fractions

Refined palm oil, RBD palm olein, and RBD palm stearin are the principal forms of processed palm oil that are now traded in the world vegetable oils market. Palm oil, palm olein, and palm stearin are, respectively, semisolid, liquid, and solid at 25°C. Because of their wide plastic range, palm oil and its fractions lend themselves to a wide range of food uses from liquid oils to the semisolid fats such as shortening, margarine, and vanaspati (vegetable ghee). In tem perate countries, palm olein can also be used as a liquid oil by blending with domestic sources of polyunsaturated oils up to a level of 30%. Such a blend greatly increases the oxidative stability of the polyunsaturates.

The extreme versatility of palm oil and its products for edible and nonedible uses (10,14) are shown as follows:

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