An industry-wide survey of end uses for dry milk products is conducted annually by the American Dairy Products Institute. Data compiled in the survey are published under the title Dry Milk Products—Utilization and Production Trends. Included in the census data are end-use markets for nonfat dry milk, dry whole milk, and dry buttermilk. For the past several years the largest markets for nonfat dry milk have been dairy, prepared dry mixes, confectionery, and bakery. These market areas accounted for 781 million pounds in 1998—approximately 89% of the domestic sales. The primary market for dry whole milk is confectionery. In 1998, this market area accounted for 88 million pounds of dry whole milk—over 66% of the domestic sales for this product. Dry buttermilk is used in three primary markets—dairy, bakery, and prepared dry mixes. In 1998, these markets used 39.6 million pounds of dry buttermilk—representing 89% of domestic sales.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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