Payback time


Figure 30. Accumulated annual savings.

payback time of about 1 yr. Thereafter, the continued cost savings means profit for the food processor.

Flexibility and Upgradability

With the competitiveness of today's consumer market, timing is of decisive importance. A system that is easy to modify will make it possible for the processor to respond quickly to the requirements of a new market and to expand or relocate the system easily. A freezing system built as a permanent fixture that cannot be readily expanded, easily removed, or conveniently traded in or resold could cost a great deal more at a later date as needs change.

Maintenance and Service Support

Freezers create an extremely harsh environment for mechanical parts. Optimum performance from even the most efficient freezer requires proper maintenance. Attention must be paid to how complicated and time-consuming such maintenance will be, and what effect this will have on valuable processing time.

Another important factor in the economics of freezing is backup support and a wide range of related services. In judging a freezer supplier's support capability, consideration should be given to the level of service offered in the planning and installation stages as well as after the deal is complete.

The processor will also need to consider where the supplier's service centers are located, and what commitment of service resources they are prepared to make. This will determine how quickly a service technician can respond in an emergency.

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