William V Cruess Award

Award. $3,000 honorarium from IFT and a bronze medal from the Northern California Section of IFT. Purpose. To honor an IFT member who has achieved excellence in teaching food science and technology. Eligibility. Any IFT member who has at least 5 years of experience in university teaching in a department offering a bachelor's degree in food science, food technology, or the equivalent is eligible. Courses taught by the nominee must deal directly with some aspect of food science or food technology.

Special instructions. Members of the IFT Student Association may nominate individuals for this award. A nomination statement is not required but, if provided, must not be more than one typed page. The nomination should be accompanied by up to eight letters signed by students, former students, or groups of students who have taken courses taught by the nominee. These letters should discuss one or more of the following criteria: (2) mastery of subject matter, (2) ability to communicate effectively the principles and practices of food processing and preservation, (3) enthusiasm for the field of food science and technology as a profession, (4) ability to stimulate students to select a professional career in food science and technology, and (5) ability to counsel effectively. Letters from up to four professional colleagues and administrators may also be offered but will not be used as primary evidence.

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