1998, there were 796 SE outbreaks that accounted for 28,689 illnesses, 2,839 hospitalizations, and 79 deaths. Of the 360 SE outbreaks with a confirmed source, 279 were associated with raw or undercooked eggs (CDC, 2000a). Table 8.1 provides a compilation of the data of SE-associated outbreaks reported for 1996-1998.

A number of SE prevention measures have been put in place in recent years in order to reduce the incidence of SE egg-associated illness. On-farm control programs, egg refrigeration and labeling regulations, consumer and food worker education, adoption of the FDA Food Code in states and localities, in addition to improved surveillance, will contribute to the decrease in the incidence of SE egg-associated illness.

Salmonella spp. in cantaloupe Since 1990, six outbreaks of salmonellosis have been attributed to cantaloupe consumption (Table 8.2). The first outbreak occurred in 1990 and involved 245 cases attributed to Salmonella Chester reported in 30 states. The next outbreak occurred in 1991 and caused over 400 cases attributed to Salmonella Poona in 23 states and Canada. Twenty-four cases identified with Salmonella Saphra infections occurred in California in 1997 (Mohle-Boetani et al., 1999). In Ontario, Canada, 22 cases of Salmonella Oranienburg were reported in 1998. The next outbreak occurred in 2000, affecting seven states and yielding 43 cases of Salmonella Poona. The last reported outbreak occurred in 2001 and was associated with 46 illnesses and

TABLE 8.2. Melon Associated Outbreaks—1990-2001



No. of Cases

Type of Melon

Location of Outbreak

0 0

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