Artifactual Injuries of Face and Neck From Resuscitation

External and internal trauma sustained during resuscitation can mimic findings associated with neck compression and other more subtle types of asphyxia (e.g., smothering). Leaving resuscitative devices in place and having access to any discarded items is essential in determining their role in injury causation (143). Rescuers need to be questioned whether any injuries were apparent to them prior to resuscitation or could have been inflicted by them (143).

Fig. 39. Unusual case of accidental ligature strangulation. (A) Child's dog. (B) Dog bit into girl's long scarf and dragged her. Fragments of scarf were strewn around the yard (arrows). (C) Threads from scarf on posterior neck. Note furrow and embedded thread (arrows).
Fig. 40. Manual strangulation. Fingernail abrasions (arrows).

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