Megakarocytic Embolism

Although proposed as an indicator of antemortem skeletal trauma, the finding of prominent megakaryocytic nuclei in pulmonary capillaries is part of the normal production of platelets (Fig. 53; refs. 442 and 473).

Fig. 51. Hepatic trauma. Embolization of liver tissue to lung (H&E, original magnification x200).
Fig. 52. Pregnant driver in motor vehicle collision, dead at scene from multiple injuries. Amniotic fluid embolism to lungs. Fetal squames (cytokeratin positive by immunoperoxi-dase technique) in alveolar capillaries (original magnification x200).
Fig. 53. Megakaryocytes (arrow and arrowhead) in alveolar capillaries (H&E, original magnification x50). Inset shows arrowed megakaryocyte enlarged.

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