Self Inflicted Venipunctures

Single or multiple self-inflicted venipunctures are encountered in intravenous drug users. Venipunctures are seen in common sites (e.g., antecubital fossa) or are observed

Fig. 41. Recent venipunctures in drug abusers. (A) Antecubital fossa. (B) Dorsum of foot. (C) Neck. (Courtesy of Dr. E. Tweedie, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.)
Fig. 42. Venipunctures in a drug user can be caused by resuscitation. Intravenous line inserted. A witness indicated where the deceased had injected cocaine (arrow).

in less apparent locations (Fig. 41). Venipunctures owing to resuscitation need to excluded, a determination made more difficult if intravenous lines have been removed (Fig. 42). "Track marks" indicative of scarring from previous injections may be seen (Fig. 43).

Fig. 43. "Track marks" (cutaneous scars on forearm) indicative of past intravenous drug abuse. Recent venipunctures (arrow).

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