Advantages Of Str Markers

This book covers the use of short tandem repeat DNA markers for human identity testing (see D.N.A. Box 2.2). These markers have become popular for forensic DNA typing because they are PCR-based and work with low-quantity DNA templates or degraded DNA samples. STR typing methods are amenable to automation and involve sensitive fluorescent detection, which enables scientists to collect data quickly from these markers. When sites on multiple chromosomes are examined, STRs are highly discriminating between unrelated and even closely related individuals. Finally, discrete alleles make results easier to interpret and to compare through the use of computerized DNA databases than RFLP-based systems where similar DNA sizes were grouped together.

Web sites with additional Short Tandem Repeat Internet Database (STRBase) with details on STR typing information on forensic

DNA typing

Denver District Attorney's Office (court case summaries involving DNA testing)

American Prosecutors Research Institute (information to help in prosecuting

DNA cases)

Smith Alling Lane web site on policies impacting forensic DNA typing

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) with funding opportunities

FBI's Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)

Forensic Science Service


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