Aluquant Human Dna Quantitation System

The Promega Corporation has developed a human DNA quantitation system that enables sensitive detection of DNA (Mandrekar et al. 2001). The AluQuant™ assay probes Alu repeats that are in high abundance in the human genome (see Chapter 8). Probe-target hybridization initiates a series of enzymatic reactions that end in oxidation of luciferin with production of light. The light intensity is read by a luminometer and is proportional to the amount of DNA present in the sample. Sample quantities are determined by comparison to a standard curve. The AluQuant™ assay possesses a range of 0.1-50 ng for human DNA and can be automated on a robotic liquid handling workstation (Hayn et al. 2004).

Stuttering Simple Techniques to Help Control Your Stutter

Stuttering Simple Techniques to Help Control Your Stutter

Discover Simple Techniques to Help Control Your Stutter. Stuttering is annoying and embarrassing. If you or a member of your family stutters, you already know the impact it can have on your everyday life. Stuttering interferes with communication, and can make social situations very difficult. It can even be harmful to your school or business life.

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