Aluquant Human Dna Quantitation System

The Promega Corporation has developed a human DNA quantitation system that enables sensitive detection of DNA (Mandrekar et al. 2001). The AluQuant™ assay probes Alu repeats that are in high abundance in the human genome (see Chapter 8). Probe-target hybridization initiates a series of enzymatic reactions that end in oxidation of luciferin with production of light. The light intensity is read by a luminometer and is proportional to the amount of DNA present in the sample. Sample quantities are determined by comparison to a standard curve. The AluQuant™ assay possesses a range of 0.1-50 ng for human DNA and can be automated on a robotic liquid handling workstation (Hayn et al. 2004).

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Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

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