There are seven appendices at the back of the book that provide valuable supplemental material. Appendix I describes all reported alleles for the 13 CODIS

STR loci as of January 2004. Sequence information, where available, has been included along with the reference that first described the noted allele. As most laboratories now use either a Promega GenePrintĀ® STR kit or an Applied Biosystems AmpFlSTRĀ® kit for PCR amplification, we have listed the expected size for each allele based on the sequence information. Appendix II lists some STR allele frequency information from U.S. populations of African-Americans, Caucasians, and Hispanics. This information is used for all statistical calculations performed in the book. Appendix III is a compilation of companies and organizations that are suppliers of DNA analysis equipment, products, and services. Approximately 100 companies are listed along with their addresses, phone numbers, internet web pages, and a brief description of their products and/or services. Appendix IV contains the DNA Advisory Board (DAB) Quality Assurance Standards that pertain to forensic DNA testing laboratories and convicted offender DNA databasing laboratories in the United States. These standards are important for laboratory validation and maintaining high quality results as DNA testing becomes more prevalent. Appendix V includes the DAB recommendations on statistics. Appendix VI reviews the National Research Council's The Evaluation of Forensic DNA Evidence, better known as NRC II, and the application of its recommendations to STR typing. Finally, Appendix VII provides two example forensic cases in an attempt to put the information contained in this book within a proper context.

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