Characterizing Cell Lines

STR typing with the same core set of markers and commercial STR kits is being used for several other purposes besides forensic and parentage testing.

Human cell line authentication is now being carried out by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) along with other international suppliers of cell lines (Masters et al. 2001). STR typing enables rapid discovery of cross-contamination between cell lines and may serve as a universal reference standard for characterizing human cell lines. This type of analysis has been dubbed 'cell culture foren-sics' (O'Brien 2001). Over the past several years, the ATCC has created a database of over 500 human cell lines that have been run with eight STR loci present in the PowerPlex® 1.2 kit from the Promega Corporation (see Cultures/str.cfm). It is important to note that cell cultures, such as K562 (D.N.A. Box 7.1), may not always have a regular diploid complement of chromosomes and thus may possess tri-allelic patterns and severe peak imbalances due to the presence of additional copies of one allele (Masters et al. 2001).

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