Public crime laboratories in the United States are connected via the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Wide Area Network (CJIS WAN) through T1 lines capable of transmitting 1.5 megabytes of information per second. CJIS WAN provides Internet-like connectivity but without the security risk. This network is an intranet with access only permitted to participating laboratories. The National DNA Index System computers are protected by firewalls to maintain a high degree of security. The hub of CJIS WAN is located in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Each state pays for their end of the system. The computer equipment for a state system costs around $15 000-25 000. The FBI Laboratory provides the CODIS software and maintains the equipment for the national system. SDIS and LDIS laboratories sign memorandums of understandings with the FBI. CODIS users agree to adhere to FBI-issued quality assurance standards (see Appendix IV) and to submit to NDIS audits.

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