Detecting Genetic Chimeras

Chimerism, which is the presence of two genetically distinct cell lines in an organism, can be acquired through blood stem cell transplantation, blood transfusion, or can be inherited (Yu et al. 2002). Approximately 8% of non-identical twins can have chimeric blood (van Dijk et al. 1996). Several years ago an interesting case was reported of a phenotypically normal woman who possessed different DNA types in different body tissues due to tetragametic chimerism (see D.N.A. Box 7.2).

A study with 203 matched related donor-recipient pairs ranked 27 different STRs, including the 13 CODIS core loci, in terms of their ability to detect chimeric mixtures (Thiede et al. 2004). Not surprisingly, the loci with the highest heterozygosities, namely Penta E, SE33, D2S1338, and D18S51, worked the best.

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