Direct Observation Of Sperm

Most forensic laboratories like to observe spermatozoa as part of confirming the presence of semen in an evidentiary sample. A common method of doing this is to recover dried semen evidence from fabric or on human skin with a deionized water-moistened swab. A portion of the recovered cells are then placed onto a microscope slide and fixed to the slide with heat. The immobilized cells are stained with a 'Christmas Tree' stain consisting of aluminum sulfate, nuclear fast red, picric acid, and indigo carmine (Shaler 2002). The stained slide is then examined under a light microscope for sperm cells with their characteristic head and long tail. The Christmas Tree stain marks the anterior sperm heads light red or pink, the posterior heads dark red, the spermatozoa's mid-piece blue, and the tails stain yellowish green (Shaler 2002). John Herr at the University of Virginia is developing some 'sperm paints' to fluores-cently label the head and tail portions of spermatozoa with antibodies specific to sperm and thus make it easier to observe sperm cells in the presence of excess female epithelial cells.

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

This book discusses the futility of curing stammering by common means. It traces various attempts at curing stammering in the past and how wasteful these attempt were, until he discovered a simple program to cure it. The book presents the life of Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue and his struggles with the handicap. Bogue devotes a great deal of text to explain the handicap of stammering, its effects on the body and psychology of the sufferer, and its cure.

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