Fbi Laboratory

The FBI Laboratory focuses on the use of forensic evidence including mtDNA in criminal investigations. Two DNA units exist within the FBI Laboratory: DNA Unit I, which focuses exclusively on nuclear DNA, and DNA Unit II, which performs mtDNA analysis and aids missing persons investigations.

The FBI Laboratory first explored the feasibility of using mtDNA in human identity applications in the late 1980s (Budowle et al. 1990) and aggressively began researching analysis methods in 1992. The FBI Laboratory DNA Unit II has conducted mitochondrial DNA casework since June 1996. Their first case involving court testimony came in August 1996 with the State of Tennessee versus Paul William Ware, which involved mtDNA analysis of a single pubic hair found in the throat of young victim that matched the defendant (Marchi and Pasacreta 1997). Much of the mtDNA evidence processed by FBI involves shed hairs.

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