Genetics And Statistical Analysis Section

The genetics and statistical analysis section begins with a review of genetic principles and statistics in Chapter 19. Chapter 20 discusses Hardy-Weinberg and linkage equilibrium and the role of these calculations in checking performance of genetic markers in population databases. Calculations for DNA profile frequency estimates including random match probabilities and likelihood ratios are covered in Chapter 21. Chapter 22 discusses approaches to interpreting mixtures or partial profiles resulting from degraded DNA. Finally, Chapter 23 deals with kinship and paternity testing situations. Throughout all of these sections clear examples are used to demonstrate how equations are applied to the calculations required.

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Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

This book discusses the futility of curing stammering by common means. It traces various attempts at curing stammering in the past and how wasteful these attempt were, until he discovered a simple program to cure it. The book presents the life of Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue and his struggles with the handicap. Bogue devotes a great deal of text to explain the handicap of stammering, its effects on the body and psychology of the sufferer, and its cure.

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