How Many Snps Are Needed

Since each SNP locus typically possesses only two possible alleles, more markers are needed to obtain a high discriminatory power than for STR loci that possess multiple alleles. Computational analyses have shown that on average 25-45 SNP loci are needed to yield equivalent random match probabilities as the 13 core STR loci (Chakraborty et al. 1999). Another study predicted that 50 SNPs possessing frequencies in the range of 20-50% for the minor allele can theoretically result in likelihood ratios similar to approximately 12 STR loci (Gill 2001). The number of SNPs needed may fluctuate in practice because some SNP loci have variable allele frequencies in different population groups. Most likely a battery of 50-100 SNPs will be required to match the same powers of discrimination and mixture resolution capabilities now achieved with 10-16 STR loci (Gill et al. 2004).

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