Organizations For Latin America And The Iberian Peninsula

The Grupo Iberoamericano de Trabajo en Analisis de DNA (GITAD) was organized in 1998 to serve the needs of forensic DNA laboratories and institutions in Latin America and the two countries of the Iberian Peninsula - Spain and Portugal. Much like SWGDAM and ENSFI, the primary objectives of GITAD include standardizing techniques, implementing a quality assurance/quality control system, and facilitating communication and training of laboratory personnel. For additional information regarding GITAD, visit their web site:


Validation is a very important part of forensic DNA typing. Defense lawyers today rarely challenge the science behind DNA typing - rather they challenge the process by which the laboratory performs the DNA analysis. Thus, the scientific community must carefully document the validity of new techniques and technologies to ensure that procedures performed in the laboratory accurately reflect the examined samples. In addition, a laboratory must carefully document their technical procedures and policies for interpretation of data and follow them to guarantee that each sample is handled and processed appropriately.

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