Physical Traits Identification Phenotypic Evaluation

As more and more information becomes uncovered about the nature and content of the human genome, we will be able to identify the genetic variants that code for phenotypic characteristics (e.g., red hair or blue eyes). For example, the Forensic Science Service has developed an SNP typing assay involving mutations in the human melanocortin 1 receptor gene that are associated with red hair phenotype (Grimes et al. 2001). The company DNAPrint is also developing a genetic test for inference of eye color (Frudakis et al. 2003b).

Perhaps SNP sites can be identified in the future that will correlate to facial features thus aiding investigators with information about the possible appearance of a perpetrator. However, due to the complexity of multigenic traits and outside factors such as aging and environment, it is unlikely that a few carefully chosen SNPs will present a foolproof picture of a sample's source. Research will likely continue in this area though and hopefully provide beneficial information to investigations of the future.

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