Realtime Pcr Approaches To Dna Quantification

The primary purpose in performing a DNA quantification test is to determine the amount of 'amplifiable' DNA. A PCR amplification reaction may fail due to the presence of co-extracted inhibitors, highly degraded DNA, insufficient DNA quantity, or a combination of all of these factors. Thus, a test that can accurately reflect both the quality and the quantity of the DNA template present in an extracted sample is beneficial to making decisions about how to proceed. 'Realtime' PCR assays provide such an assessment. The theory behind real-time PCR and assay formats used will be discussed in more detail as part of Chapter 4.

Several real-time PCR assay have been published with the human identity testing market in mind (see Table 3.3). Commercial kits for detecting human DNA as well as a real-time PCR assay for determining the amount of human Y-chromosome DNA present in a sample are now available (Applied Biosystems 2003).

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