Technology Section

The technology portion of the book begins in Chapter 12 with a discussion of DNA separations using slab gel and capillary electrophoresis. Fluorescent detection methods are the primary topic of Chapter 13. This chapter has a number of colorful figures featuring the fluorescent dyes in use today. A description of the most widely used DNA analysis instruments in modern forensic laboratories is presented in Chapter 14. This chapter covers the ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer, the 16-capillary array ABI Prism 3100, and reviews the Hitachi FMBIO II Fluorescence Imaging System used in conjunction with slab gel electrophoresis. Issues surrounding genotyping of STR results are the focus of Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 reviews laboratory validation and quality assurance of DNA analysis.

Alternative DNA analysis technologies such as mass spectrometry and microchips are reviewed in Chapter 17 along with robotics and expert systems for automated data analysis. The final chapter in the technology section, Chapter 18, discusses the use of computer DNA databases to solve crimes. Large national DNA databases will continue to benefit law enforcement for many years to come by connecting violent crimes and serial criminal activity with otherwise unknown perpetrators.

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