TrueAllele® is a commercially available allele-calling program from Cybergenetics that uses quantitation and deconvolution algorithms to improve STR allele calls based upon quality measures (Palsson et al. 1999, Perlin et al. 2001, Perlin 2003). TrueAllele® is written in Matlab and runs with Macintosh, Windows, or UNIX-based systems. This program has an advantage over the Genotyper® or STaR Call™ software packages (see Chapter 15) in that TrueAllele® provides a quality measure for every allele call. The quality value assigned by TrueAllele® ranges between 0.0 and 1.0 and reflects a peak's height, shape, and stutter pattern (Palsson et al. 1999). The selection criteria used by the program are empirically derived through review of many STR profiles. TrueAllele® is being primarily used for microsatellite disease linkage studies where hundreds of thousands of genotypes are gathered to decipher chromosomal locations of disease genes. The first two forensic DNA laboratories to utilize TrueAllele® as an expert system for STR analysis are the Forensic Science Service and the New York State Police in Albany, New York. In a comparison of alleles calls from 2048 STR profiles between manual review with Genotyper® and automated review with TrueAllele®, only one significant difference was observed when the analyst using Genotyper® interpreted a spike as a DNA peak at D8S1179 but TrueAllele® correctly designated it as a spike (Kadash et al. 2004).

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