Fe2rjr0 n 2r2 2r3 2fe2r2 317

The rate at which the antibody-antigen complex molecules laterally interact is given by

The nomenclature is intentionally the same as for the case where the antigen is in solution and the antibody is on the surface.

Once again, we are interested in initial binding kinetics. Therefore, n r0, r2 r0, and r3 <g r0 (Stenberg et al, 1986; Sadana and Sii, 1992a, 1992b). Also, fe_ icsr0 > fe2r,r0, or in effect, kLcs ^ k2r,. Finally, fe_ and fe_2r2 are very small. Then Eq. (3.16) reduces to lf= 2fcxc.ro, which is Eq. (3.14a).

The reaction schemes shown in Figure 3.7 may be lumped together as kf;(Ab * Ag)

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