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Unless noted below or within its caption, the illustrations and tables featured in Genetics were developed by Richard Robinson, and rendered by GGS Information Services. The photographs appearing in the text were reproduced by permission of the following sources:

Volume 1

Accelerated Aging: Progeria (p. 2), Photo courtesy of The Progeria Research Foundation, Inc. and the Barnett Family; Aging and Life Span (p. 8), Fisher, Leonard Everett, Mr.; Agricultural Biotechnology (p. 10), © Keren Su/Corbis; Alzheimer's Disease (p. 15), AP/Wide World Photos; Antibiotic Resistance (p. 27), © Hank Morgan/Science Photo Library, Photo Researchers, Inc.; Apoptosis (p. 32 ), © Microworks/Phototake; Arabidopsis thaliana (p. 34), © Steinmark/ Custom Medical Stock Photo; Archaea (p. 38), © Eurelios/Phototake; Behavior (p. 47), © Norbert Schafer/Corbis; Bioinformatics (p. 53), © T. Bannor/Custom Medical Stock Photo; Bioremediation (p. 60), Merjenburgh/ Greenpeace; Bioremediation (p. 61), AP/Wide World Photos; Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, History of (p. 71), © Gianni Dagl Orti/Corbis; Biotechnology: Ethical Issues (p. 67), © AFP/Corbis; Birth Defects (p. 78), AP/Wide World Photos; Birth Defects (p. 80), © Siebert/ Custom Medical Stock Photo; Blotting (p. 88), © Custom Medical Stock Photo; Breast Cancer (p. 90), © Custom Medical Stock Photo; Carcinogens (p. 98), © Custom Medical Stock Photo; Cardiovascular Disease (p. 102), © B&B Photos/Custom Medical Stock Photo; Cell, Eukaryotic (p. 111), © Dennis Kunkel/ Phototake; Chromosomal Aberrations (p. 122), © Pergement, Ph.D./Custom Medical Stock

Photo; Chromosomal Banding (p. 126), Courtesy of the Cytogenetics Laboratory, Indiana University School of Medicine; Chromosomal Banding (p. 127), Courtesy of the Cytogenetics Laboratory, Indiana University School of Medicine; Chromosomal Banding (p.128), Courtesy of the Cytogenetics Laboratory, Indiana University School of Medicine; Chromosome, Eukaryotic (p. 137), Photo Researchers, Inc.; Chromosome, Eukaryotic (p. 136), © Becker/Custom Medical Stock Photo; Chromosome, Eukaryotic (p. 133), Courtesy of Dr. Jeffrey Nickerson/University of Massachusetts Medical School; Chromosome, Prokaryotic (p. 141), © Mike Fisher/Custom Medical Stock Photo; Chromosomes, Artificial (p. 145), Courtesy of Dr. Huntington F. Williard/University Hospitals of Cleveland; Cloning Organisms (p. 163), © Dr.Yorgos Nikas/Phototake; Cloning: Ethical Issues (p. 159), AP/Wide World Photos; College Professor (p. 166), © Bob Krist/Corbis; Colon Cancer (p. 169), © Albert Tousson/Phototake; Colon Cancer (p. 167), © G-I Associates/Custom Medical Stock Photo; Conjugation (p. 183), © Dennis Kunkel/Phototake; Conservation Geneticist (p. 191), © Annie Griffiths Belt/ Corbis; Delbrück, Max (p. 204), Library of Congress; Development, Genetic Control of (p. 208), © JL Carson/Custom Medical Stock Photo; DNA Microarrays (p. 226), Courtesy of James Lund and Stuart Kim, Standford University; DNA Profiling (p. 234), AP/Wide World Photos; DNA Vaccines (p. 254), Penny Tweedie/Corbis-Bettmann; Down Syndrome (p. 257), © Custom Medical Stock Photo.

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