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Astrid M. Roy-Engel

Tulane University Health Sciences Center

Repetitive DNA Elements Joellen M. Schildkraut

Duke University Medical Center Public Health, Genetic Techniques in Silke Schmidt

Duke Center for Human Genetics Meiosis Mitosis David A. Scicchitano New York University Ames Test Carcinogens William K. Scott

Duke Center for Human Genetics Aging and Life Span Epidemiologist Gene and Environment Gerry Shaw

MacKnight Brain Institute of the University of Flordia Signal Transduction Alan R. Shuldiner

University of Maryland School of Medicine Diabetes Richard R. Sinden

Institute for Biosciences and Technology: Center for Genome Research DNA Paul K. Small Eureka College Antibiotic Resistance Proteins Reading Frame Marcy C. Speer

Duke Center for Human Genetics Crossing Over Founder Effect Inbreeding

Individual Genetic Variation Linkage and Recombination Jeffrey M. Stajich

Duke Center for Human Genetics Muscular Dystrophy

Judith E. Stenger

Duke Center for Human Genetics Computational Biologist Information Systems Manager Frank H. Stephenson Applied Biosystems Automated Sequencer Cycle Sequencing Protein Sequencing Sequencing DNA Gregory Stewart

State University of West Georgia Transduction Transformation Douglas J. C. Strathdee University of Edinburgh Embryonic Stem Cells Gene Targeting Rodent Models Jeremy Sugarman

Duke University Department of Medicine

Genetic Testing: Ethical Issues Caroline M. Tanner

Parkinson's Institute Twins Alice Telesnitsky

University of Michigan Reverse Transcriptase Daniel J. Tomso

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences DNA Libraries Escherichia coli Genetics Angela Trepanier

Wayne State University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program Down Syndrome Peter A. Underhill Stanford University Y Chromosome Joelle van der Walt

Duke University Center for Human Genetics

Genotype and Phenotype Jeffery M. Vance

Duke University Center for Human Genetics

Gene Discovery Genomic Medicine Genotype and Phenotype Sanger, Fred Gail Vance

Indiana University Chromosomal Banding Jeffrey T. Villinski

University of Texas/MD Anderson Cancer Center Sex Determination Sue Wallace

Santa Rosa, California Hemoglobinopathies Giles Watts

Children's Hospital Boston Cancer

Tumor Suppressor Genes Kirk Wilhelmsen

Ernest Gallo Clinic & Research Center Addiction Michelle P. Winn

Duke University Medical Center Physician Scientist Chantelle Wolpert

Duke University Center for Human Genetics

Genetic Counseling Genetic Discrimination Nomenclature Population Screening Harry H. Wright

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Intelligence Psychiatric Disorders Sexual Orientation Janice Zengel

University of Maryland, Baltimore Ribosome Translation Stephan Zweifel Carleton College Mitochondrial Genome

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