Trithorax TRX

CREB-binding protein dCBP

SET domain, PHD domain Histone acetyl transferase Protein phosphatase

BRM complex

Brahma BRM

Moira MOR

Snf5 related 1 SNR1

DNA-dependent ATPase, helicase domains;

SWI2/SNF2 homologue

Yeast SWI3 homologue

ARID DNA binding domaina

Interacts with TRX

GAF-FACT complex

GAGA factor GAF

SPT16 -


Zinc finger, BTB-POZ domain; interacts with TRX DNA unwinding HMG box domain trxG members that build distinct complexes

Absent, small or ASH1 SET domain; histone H3 and H4 methyl homeotic discs 1 transferase; interacts with dCBP

Absent, small, or ASH2 -

homeotic discs 2

Other characterized trxG members

Kismet KIS

Modifier of mdg4

0 0

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