Chemical Foundations

Barta, N.S. & Stille, J.R. (1994) Grasping the concepts of stereochemistry. J. Chem. Educ. 71, 20-23.

A clear description of the RS system for naming stereoisomers, with practical suggestions for determining and remembering the "handedness" of isomers. Brewster, J.H. (1986) Stereochemistry and the origins of life. J. Chem. Educ. 63, 667-670.

An interesting and lucid discussion of the ways in which evolution could have selected only one of two stereoisomers for the construction of proteins and other molecules. Kotz, J.C. & Tteichel, P., Jr. (1998) Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, Saunders College Publishing, Fort Worth, TX.

An excellent, comprehensive introduction to chemistry. Vollhardt, K.P.C. & Shore, N.E. (2002) Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, W. H. Freeman and Company, New York. Up-to-date discussions of stereochemistry, functional groups, reactivity, and the chemistry of the principal classes of biomolecules.

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