*The greater the energy required for bond dissociation (breakage), the stronger the bond.

*The greater the energy required for bond dissociation (breakage), the stronger the bond.

Some enzymes are parts of multienzyme complexes in which reactants are channeled from one enzyme to another without ever entering the bulk solvent. Diffusion is hindered in the gel-like cytosol, and the cytosolic composition varies in different regions of the cell. In short, a given molecule may function quite differently in the cell than in vitro. A central challenge of biochemistry is to understand the influences of cellular organization and macromolecular associations on the function of individual enzymes and other biomolecules—to understand function in vivo as well as in vitro.

SUMMARY 1.1 Cellular Foundations

■ All cells are bounded by a plasma membrane; have a cytosol containing metabolites, coenzymes, inorganic ions, and enzymes; and have a set of genes contained within a nucleoid (prokaryotes) or nucleus (eukaryotes).

■ Phototrophs use sunlight to do work; chemotrophs oxidize fuels, passing electrons to good electron acceptors: inorganic compounds, organic compounds, or molecular oxygen.

■ Bacterial cells contain cytosol, a nucleoid, and plasmids. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus and are multicompartmented, segregating certain processes in specific organelles, which can be separated and studied in isolation.

■ Cytoskeletal proteins assemble into long filaments that give cells shape and rigidity and serve as rails along which cellular organelles move throughout the cell.

■ Supramolecular complexes are held together by noncovalent interactions and form a hierarchy of structures, some visible with the light microscope. When individual molecules are removed from these complexes to be studied in vitro, interactions important in the living cell may be lost.

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