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loxazine ring is produced, abbreviated FADH and FMNHV Because flavoproteins can participate in either one- or two-electron transfers, this class of proteins is involved in a greater diversity of reactions than the NAD (P)-linked dehydrogenases.

Like the nicotinamide coenzymes (Fig. 13-15), the flavin nucleotides undergo a shift in a major absorption band on reduction. Flavoproteins that are fully reduced (two electrons accepted) generally have an absorption maximum near 360 nm. When partially reduced (one electron), they acquire another absorption maximum at about 450 nm; when fully oxidized, the flavin has maxima at 370 and 440 nm. The intermediate radical form, reduced by one electron, has absorption maxima at 380, 480, 580, and 625 nm. These changes can be used to assay reactions involving a flavoprotein.

The flavin nucleotide in most flavoproteins is bound rather tightly to the protein, and in some enzymes, such as succinate dehydrogenase, it is bound covalently. Such tightly bound coenzymes are properly called prosthetic groups. They do not transfer electrons by diffusing from one enzyme to another; rather, they provide a means by which the flavoprotein can temporarily hold electrons while it catalyzes electron transfer from a reduced substrate to an electron acceptor. One important feature of the flavoproteins is the variability in the standard reduction potential (E°) of the bound flavin nucleotide. Tight association between the enzyme and prosthetic group confers on the flavin ring a reduction potential typical of that particular flavopro-tein, sometimes quite different from the reduction potential of the free flavin nucleotide. FAD bound to succinate dehydrogenase, for example, has an E'° close to 0.0 V, compared with —0.219 V for free FAD; E'° for other flavoproteins ranges from —0.40 V to +0.06 V.

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