FIGURE 2-20 The amino acid histidine, a component of proteins, is a weak acid. The p^a of the protonated nitrogen of the side chain is 6.0.

pH. The organism's first line of defense against changes in internal pH is provided by buffer systems. The cytoplasm of most cells contains high concentrations of proteins, which contain many amino acids with functional groups that are weak acids or weak bases. For example, the side chain of histidine (Fig. 2-20) has a pKa of 6.0; proteins containing histidine residues therefore buffer effectively near neutral pH. Nucleotides such as ATP, as well as many low molecular weight metabolites, contain ionizable groups that can contribute buffering power to the cytoplasm. Some highly specialized organelles and extracellular compartments have high concentrations of compounds that contribute buffering capacity: organic acids buffer the vacuoles of plant cells; ammonia buffers urine.

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